Turning Together Towards the Lord

One of the recent trends in some parishes as part of a reform of the liturgy is a return to the ancient practice as was common in the Church until 50 years ago, of worship with the priest and congregation all facing the same direction. This article from a parish in South Carolina I think does a good job of explaining the reasons behind this:




About lewistoncatholic

A new resident of the City of Lewiston Maine. My family moved here from Massachusetts. A lifelong Catholic that fell away from the Church in my teens and came back in 1999 after a journey through various Protestant faith traditions.
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4 Responses to Turning Together Towards the Lord

  1. Doubletrouble says:

    JP- do you have an email addy?
    I don’t see one on the sidebar…

    Jack in NH (from Fr. Z’s)

  2. Michael says:

    Yes, well, this trend hasn’t hit my parish yet…. Hopefully it will one day relatively soon.

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